#GivingTuesday is #GivingDanceDay at KCFAA


KCFAA Spring concert 2017 Photographer Mike Strong

We see the inspiration on a daily basis. Our students light up the studio with eagerness to stretch their skills, to discover their limits and then push themselves even further. Our dedicated teaching artists guide each student carefully, assessing angles, efforts, and angst.

In the schools, our teaching artists are greeted by hundreds of students every week. Alvin Ailey determined that dance should be accessible to all people, and at KCFAA we take that mission very seriously as we bring workshops to more than 200 schools each year.

YOU make it possible. #GivingTuesday comes one day a year asking you to pause for a moment before you’re too deep into the holiday frenzy and donate to a charity that makes a meaningful difference—like Kansas City Friends of Alvin Ailey. Your gift not only brings a smile to a youth’s face today but clarity, discipline, and self-empowerment for a lifetime.