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KS/MO AileyCamp Final Performance – July 12

Kansas City Friends of Alvin Ailey (KCFAA) presents the AileyCamp Final Performance, the culmination of our 6-week summer AileyCamp program. The performance will take place on Wednesday, July 12th at the Paseo Academy of Fine and Performing Arts, 4747 Flora Ave, Kansas City, MO 64110. This annual capstone event is a fantastic way to introduce your family […]

Topeka’s First AileyCamp Final Performance – July 11

Kansas City Friends of Alvin Ailey (KCFAA) presents an AileyCamp Final Performance for the first time in Topeka and will be starring over 180 Topeka and Kansas City middle school students who have completed KCFAA’s award-winning summer dance program. The performance will take place on Tuesday, July 11th at Highland Park High School Auditorium (2424 SE […]

Changemakers: It’s the Story We Remember

Those of you who have heard me speak about KCFAA know I often speak about the great story that we have to tell. It’s a story that started 33 years ago and continues to evolve.  It’s a story of collaboration, vision, and the desire to bring together those who would most likely not come together.  […]

2017 AileyCamp Open House

Last week were the AileyCamp Open Houses. Our Chief Artistic Officer, Tyrone Aiken, gave tours in both Missouri and Kansas campuses. It was great to see board members, donors, and parents come by to get a first-hand view of AileyCamp. It’s a powerful program, and you can’t help but be moved by the life changes […]

Dance Is The Catalyst For AileyCamp

With AileyCamp starting up next week, it’s the perfect time to remember why this camp is so powerful. We have 200 students enrolled for this year (100 in Missouri, 100 in Kansas) with the Final Performance on Wednesday, July 12. So much to look forward to!