Setting the Stage Expands Public Performances

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Setting the Stage is a popular, multimedia program of African-American and American history with a focus on dance. Performances are presented both for the public and for schools. For the first time since its inception over a decade ago, the program will be expanding its public performance across the state line to inspire and educate Topeka audiences.

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2017 AileyCamp Open House

Last week were the AileyCamp Open Houses. Our Chief Artistic Officer, Tyrone Aiken, gave tours in both Missouri and Kansas campuses. It was great to see board members, donors, and parents come by to get a first-hand view of AileyCamp.

It’s a powerful program, and you can’t help but be moved by the life changes that occur. Dance is the framework for that transformation.  90% of these students have had no prior dance instruction, but in 6 short, intense weeks, they will provide a performance. Through dance, students learn how to achieve what seemed impossible by breaking their challenges down into simple, guided steps. They discover strength, focus, and discipline within themselves they never knew was there. Just that aspect alone helps them move forward in life with more purpose and grace. Yet AileyCamp offers so much more.

AileyCamp is a holistic approach to youth development and includes classes in art and creative writing in a fun, engaging manner that the students enjoy. Personal development classes are taught by social workers to help the students with life skill development, life choices, personal responsibility, effective communication, and stress handling.

Everything is provided to these students free of charge: t-shirts, shorts, leotards, tap shoes, ballet slippers, tote bags, and even breakfast, lunch, and transportation to and from the daily camp. We do this to minimize any barriers that might prevent the student from attending.

Please consider donating to KCFAA today to help support this vital work for students.

In the photos below, you’ll get a peek.

Watch AileyCamp Affirmations – June 2017

Dance Is The Catalyst For AileyCamp

With AileyCamp starting up next week, it’s the perfect time to remember why this camp is so powerful. We have 200 students enrolled for this year (100 in Missouri, 100 in Kansas) with the Final Performance on Wednesday, July 12. So much to look forward to!