KCFAA presents Courageous Conversations. Our new program challenges all to take a deep dive into understanding issues of race while tackling tough topics. We are creating a forum where everyone has opportunity to share their perspective.

KCFAA Courageous Conversation aims to build on the organization’s longstanding, proven ability to bring diverse people together for common good. We provide a safe meeting space for people to learn how to sit with the distress and fatigue inherent in conversations about race. We explore how the lack of awareness of racial concerns has fed the current situation. We hold space to grow our awareness of how each of us relates to race. We examine ways to advocate for racial justice without causing harm to self or others and consider ways we can plant seeds for better outcomes.


· Provide a safe space for the community to become more informed about the lived experience of others.

· Facilitate discussion that promotes a deeper dive into the personal journey and growing understanding of race.

· Set agendas that prompt us to think about each other as individuals, see humanity in the other.

· Select content for review and discussion that reminds us we all share the aspiration for liberation, to be free in heart and mind.


Racism & Local Government 4/5/2021

During this 90 minute program, we will have an engaging discussion about local government efforts to face issues related to race and racism. We will feature elected leaders from various municipalities from the greater metropolitan area. This…

Race, Racism & the Media 2/15/2021

Join us for an engaging discussion on the role the media plays in shaping attitudes about race and racism. This conversation will feature esteemed leaders from various media outlets in Kansas City who will share thoughts about how their organizations…

Racism in Kansas City - 12/7/2020

In this edition of Courageous Conversations, G.S. Griffin, the Author of Racism in Kansas City will sit down with Community Leader Alvin Brooks to discuss the harsh reality of race relations and racism in KC. The event will be moderated by…

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